Morning of Green Gables
Season 1, Episode 3
Morning of Green Gables
Air date January 21, 1979
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Morning of Green Gales is the third episode of Akage no Anne. It was aired on January 21, 1979.


Anne Shirley wakes up on a beautiful morning at Green Gables and sees the world again with different eyes. Marilla Cuthbert comes in her room and tells her to get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, Anne makes to Marillas surprise the dishes and afterwards her bed. Marilla allows her to go outside playing, but Anne doesn't want to go out, since it doesn't bring herself to fall in love with Green Gables if she's not allowed to stay. After lunch, Anne and Marilla drive to Mrs. Spencer. Matthew Cuthbert is so dejected after Anne's farewell that he can no longer work the rest of the day.