Number Name Japanese Name Release Date Action
01 "Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised" "Mashuu Kasubaato odoroku"
January 7, 1979 Anne Shirley arrives at a rural train station in Prince Edward Island. She meets Matthew Cuthbert who has come to collect her. He is confused and unsure what to do. Reluctantly, he decides to take her to Green Gables, the farm he owns with his sister Marilla Cuthbert, in the village of Avonlea.
02 "Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised" "Marira Kasubaato odoroku"
January 14, 1979 Anne Shirley and Matthew Cuthbert arrives Green Gables. Marilla Cuthbert wonders about Anne and asks about the boy wanted to adopt. Anne is sad because they don't want she. Marilla comforts Anne and takes her to bed. Matthew says that he would to keep Anne, but Marilla is against. She would bring Anne back to the Orphanage. They quarrel and go to bed.
03 "Morning of Green Gables" "Guriin Geiburuzu no Asa"
January 21, 1979 Anne Shirley wakes up on a beautiful morning at Green Gables and sees the world again with different eyes. Marilla Cuthbert comes in her room and tells her to get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, Anne makes to Marillas surprise the dishes and afterwards her bed. Marilla allows her to go outside playing, but Anne doesn't want to go out, since it doesn't bring herself to fall in love with Green Gables if she's not allowed to stay. After lunch, Anne and Marilla drive to Mrs. Spencer. Matthew Cuthbert is so dejected after Anne's farewell that he can no longer work the rest of the day.
04 "Anne's History" "An Oitachi wo kataru"
January 28, 1979 Anne Shirley and Marilla Cuthbert drive the carriage along the coast. Marilla asks Anne to tell her her life, but Anne doesn't like. On the way, they meet a woman with whom Marilla entertains Anne. Meanwhile, Anne jumps out of the carriage out of sheer fury and sits down on a fence. After some time she comes back to the carriage and they continue. Anne decides to tell Marilla her life. She was born in Bolingbroke, Nova Scotia as the daughter of the teachers Walter and Bertha Shirley. Her parents died when she was three months old, and the neighbor Mrs. Thomas took her out of pity as there were no relatives left. Anne had to take care of the four smaller children, while Mrs Thomas worked as a household aid, as her husband was a drunk. One day Mr. Thomas stumbled and was hit by a train and died. Anne came to Mrs. Hammond, who had got four times twins. This one lived in a forest in which all the trees around the house were precipitated. After a cold winter, her husband died of pneumonia and Mrs Hammond dissolved her household. Anne came, since she wanted no one to go to the orphanage in Hopetown. After a few months she was then brought by Mrs. Spencer to come to Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, who actually wanted a boy.
05 "Marilla Makes up Her Mind" "Marira Kesshinsuru"
February 4, 1979 Anne Shirley and Marilla Cuthbert arrive at Mrs. Spencer's and Marilla explains to her the confusion. Mrs Spencer says that Mrs. Blewett needs help. At this very moment, Mrs Blewett comes and they go into the house to discuss everything there. Mrs Blewett wants to take Anne with her, but Marilla chooses to take her back. Matthew Cuthbert is waiting for the carriage at the gate all the time, and when he sees it, he goes away quickly. Anne goes up to her room and Marilla tells Matthew that she has decided to keep Anne, on condition that she takes care of education alone. Marilla decides to tell her tomorrow and then calls Anne for dinner. Then she should say her night prayer before she goes to bed. Anne tells her that she has never prayed, of which Marilla is appalled. That's why Anne says an invented prayer from her and then goes to bed.
06 "Anne of Green Gables" "Guriin Geiburuzu no An"
February 11, 1979 Anne Shirley helps Marilla Cuthbert the next morning in the household. After washing, Marilla tells her that she can stay at Green Gables. Anne cries with joy and goes out to tell the Snow King and all other plants. She then sees Matthew Cuthbert working on a field and tells him the news. Meanwhile, Marilla calls for Anne, but she can't hear her because she's too far away. When she comes back, Marilla grumbles with her. After tea, you allow Marilla and Matthew to familiar them now. Anne is supposed to memorize the "father of our" in the kitchen. But since Anne Marilla tells of her fantasy stories and therefore does not memorize prayer, she must go up to her room to learn it.
07 "Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified" "Reicheru Fujin Osore wo nasu"
February 18, 1979 When Rachel Lynde rudely speaks her mind on Anne's appearance, Anne gets so offended that she tells her off. Anne must learn to apologize for what she did even though Mrs. Lynde wasn't right.
08 "Anne's Impressions of Sunday School" "An ・ Nichiyou Gakkou he Iku"
February 25, 1979 Anne is disappointed that her new Sunday clothes (made by Marilla) are so plain, so along the way to church she dresses up her hat with wildflowers. Afterward she talks about what she thinks of Sunday School.
09 A Solemn Vow "Ogosokana Chikai"
March 4, 1979 Anne and Diana meet and vow to be good best friends.
10 "Anne Plays with a Best Friend" "An ・ Kokoro no Tomoto Asobu"
March 11, 1979 Anne and Diana plays together.
11 "Anne Loses the Amethyst Brooch" "Marira ・ Buroochi wo Nakusu" (マリラ・ブローチをなくす) March 18, 1979 Marilla's brooch that Anne was admiring goes missing, and Anne, who denies having anything to do with it, is grounded until she confesses.
12 "Anne's Confession" "An ・ Kokuhakusuru"
March 25, 1979 Anne confesses to losing the brooch, but then Marilla finds that she herself had misplaced it and Anne wasn't at fault at all.
13 "Anne Goes to School" "An Gakkou e iku"
April 1, 1979 Anne has her first day of school, and while she dislikes the teacher, has fun.
14 "A Tempest in Class" "Kyoushitsu Soudou"
April 8, 1979 The flirtatious and bold prankster Gilbert Blythe returns to town. But he goes too far when he jokingly calls Anne "Carrots", and she responds by breaking her slate over his head. When Mr. Phillips makes the two sit together, Anne quits school.
15 "Fall is Coming" "Aki no Otozure"
April 15, 1979 Marilla teaches Anne how to make a cake, and Anne has a run-in with Gilbert Blythe.
16 "Diana is Invited to Tea" "Daiana wo ocha ni maneku"
April 22, 1979 Anne and Diana have a tea party, but Diana starts acting strangely after drinking a few glasses of raspberry cordial.
17 "Anne Returns to School" "An Gakkou e modoru"
May 6, 1979 After Diana is forbidden from playing with Anne, Anne decides to return to school.
18 "Anne Rescues Minnie May" "An Minii Mei wo sukuu"
May 13, 1979 Minnie May Barry falls seriously ill while she and Diana are being babysat, and Anne is the only one who may know what to do.
19 "Diana's Birthday" "Daiana no Tanjoubi"
May 20, 1979 Anne has been invited to go to concert and sleepover for Diana's birthday. But things go wrong for Diana when the girls get too boisterous during the sleepover.
20 "Spring Once Again" "Futatabi Haru ga kite"
May 27, 1979 Anne enjoys the spring atmosphere and takes over the chores when Marilla gets a headache.
21 "The New Minister's wife" "Atarashii Bokushi Fusai"
June 3, 1979 Mr. Phillips leaves the school, and Anne meets the new minister and his wife.
22 "The Wrong Ingredient" "Kouryou chigai"
June 10, 1979 Anne catches a cold, and because she loses her sense of taste, mistakenly uses the wrong ingredient in a cake for Mrs. Allan.
23 "Anne is Invited to Tea" "An Ocha ni Yobareru"
June 17, 1979 Anne is invited to tea with the new minister and his wife.
24 "An Affair of Honour" "Menboku wo kaketa Daijiken"
June 24, 1979 The "dare game" has taken on popularity with the girls of Avonlea, but to protect her pride from Josie Pye, Anne takes on an extremely dangerous dare: Walk the ridgepole of the Barry's house.
25 A Letter to Diana "Daiana e no Tegami"
July 1, 1979 When Diana takes ill in another town, Anne thinks back and realizes she hasn't been as good a friend as she should have.
26 "The Concert Plan" "Konsaato no Keikaku"
July 8, 1979 Anne returns to school. The new teacher is wonderful and fair, and the teacher plans to have a concert to raise money to have a school flag made.
27 "Matthew and the Clothes Shop" "Mashuu to fukuranda Neko"
July 15, 1979 Matthew, unlike Marilla, sees no problem with Anne having a nice dress with puffed sleeves like the other girls. He sets out to get one for her for Christmas, but his well-intentioned plan goes awry when the clerk at the store is female.
28 "The Christmas Concert" "Kurisumasu no Konsaato"
July 22, 1979 Anne receives her Christmas presents, and the eve of the concert arrives.
29 "Anne Starts the Story-telling Club" "An Monogatari-Kurabu wo tsukuru"
July 29, 1979 Anne finds it hard to settle back into mundane life after the concert, so she starts a creative writing club.
30 "Vanity and Vexation of Spirit" "Kyoei to Shintsuu"
August 5, 1979 Anne buys black hair dye from a peddler, but she doesn't get the raven black hair she'd hoped for.
31 "An Unfortunate Lily Maid" "Fuun na Shirayurihime"
August 12, 1979 Anne and her friends act out the Lady of Shalott, but Anne soon finds herself in trouble. After her friends run to get Diana's parents, who will come to her rescue?
32 "An Epoch in Anne's Life" "Shoogai no Ichidaiji"
August 19, 1979 Anne and Diana are invited to Charlottetown by Aunt Josephine. She realizes that while city life and fancy things are a lot of fun once in a while, she prefers her country life and leaving things to the imagination.
33 "An Invitation to Queen's Class" "Kuiin-Gumi no Yobikake"
August 26, 1979 Anne Shirley eats an apple. Jerry Buote tells her that the Apple was poisoned for the rats. Anne thinks she must die until Marilla Cuthbert comes and tells her news.
34 "Diana and the Students at Queens" "Daiana to Kuiin-Gumi no Nakama"
September 9, 1979 Anne Shirley and Diana Barry would like to join Muriel Stacy's preparation for Queen's College, but Mrs. Barry doesn't allow Diana. Through a snowstorm, the students are trapped in the school of Avonlea and the boys need to get help.
35 "Longing for the Summer Holidays" "Natsuyasumi mae no Omowaku"
September 16, 1979 Anne Shirley has learned a great deal to make proud Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Matthew is not doing well because he has heart problems. The Doctor warns Anne not to revise her.
36 "The Future of the Story Club" "Monogatari-Kurabu no Yukue"
September 23, 1979 Anne Shirley and Diana Barry have a nice summer vacation, but are sad when they discover that their play house Idlewild is broken. At the beginning of the new school year, Jane Andrews and Ruby Gillis emerge from the story club to focus on the school.
37 "A 15-Year-Old's Spring" "15sai no Haru"
September 30, 1979 Anne Shirley is now 15 years old and has been living of Green Gables for four years. A new station of the Charlottetown Railway is opened in Carmody. Josephine Barry comes to Avonlea to see the new station.
38 "My Number is 13" "Jukenbangou wa 13ban"
October 7, 1979 Anne Shirley and her classmates write in Charlottetown the entrance exam for Queen's College. When Anne learns that she has the number 13, she gets exam anxiety.
39 "The Results" "Goukakuhappyou"
October 14, 1979 Anne Shirley and her classmates have written in Charlottetown the entrance exam for Queen's College. They must waiting long for the results. Finally, Diana Barry brings the newspaper with the results.
40 "The Concert Hotel" "Hoteru no Konsaato"
October 21, 1979 Anne Shirley has entered a charity festival at the White Sands Hotel to present some poems. The feast is a great success and Anne meets the actress Mrs. Evans.
41 "Off to Queen's College" "KuiinGakuin eno Tabidachi"
October 28, 1979 Mrs. Spencer visits Anne Shirley and tells her about a wealthy American couple she wants to adopt.
42 "Life on a New Campus" "Atarashii Gakuenseikatsu"
November 4, 1979 Anne Shirley gets to know Queen's College and does her best to be better than Gilbert Blythe.
43 "Home for the Weekends" "Shuumatsu no Kyuuka"
November 11, 1979 Anne Shirley attended the weekends during her time at Queen's College Green Gables. She wants her to win the Avery Scholarship, says Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert but not because she's afraid she'll have to leave the two alone to study at Redmond College.
44 "The Winter at Queen's" "KuiinGakuin no Fuyu"
November 18, 1979 In winter, the weather is so bad that Anne Shirley can't come to Green Gables on the weekends during her time at Queen's College. Matthew Cuthbert is not doing well, but Marilla Cuthbert thinks Anne should not worry.
45 "The Glory and the Dream" "Eikou to Yume"
November 25, 1979 Anne Shirley's year at Queen's College is over and she and her fellow students are waiting for the exam results. Anne hopes to have cut off better than Gilbert Blythe and win an award.
46 "Matthew's Love" "Mashuu no Ai"
December 2, 1979 Anne Shirley worries about her adoptive parents because Marilla Cuthbert's eyes have worsened and the Doctor wants her to be examined. Even the Abbey Bank, whose clients are Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, is doing poorly.
47 "The Reaper Whose Name is Death" "Shi to yobareru Kariirebito"
December 9, 1979 When Matthew Cuthbert learns that the Abbey Bank has filed for bankruptcy, which means that he and Marilla Cuthbert have lost their money, he dies of a shock. For Anne Shirley and Marilla this is a great loss.
48 "Matthew's Farewell" "Mashuu Wagaya wo saru"
December 16, 1979 Matthew Cuthbert is buried and Anne Shirley's classmates are all there. Her common grief welds Anne Shirley and Marilla Cuthbert together. Besides, Anne speaks with Mrs. Allan, who comforts her.
49 "The Bend in the Road" "Magarikado"
December 23, 1979 Marilla Cuthbert lets her eyes be examined in Charlottetown. The result is so bad that she decides to sell Green Gables, which Anne Shirley does not agree with.
50 "God's in Heaven, All is Well on Earth" "Kami wa Ten ni imashi, Subete Yo wa Koto mo nashi"
(神は天にいまし すべて世は事もなし)
December 30, 1979 Because Anne Shirley does not want to leave Marilla Cuthbert alone, she gives up her plans to go to Redmond College and wants to be a teacher at the school of Carmody. Many people find this silly, but Gilbert Blythe leaves her the place at the school of Avonlea so that Anne can stay with Marilla. Gilbert wants to teach at the school in White Sands.