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This is a Wiki dedicated to Japanese anime series about Anne Shirley and the friends she makes in her journeys, such as Diana Barry. It may also include information about other cartoon series. Information about the novels and live series will be limited as they are covered on other wikis. The Wiki was created in March 2012.

The focus is on two works by World Masterpiece Theater:

  • 1979's Akage series (50 episodes)
  • 2009's Konnichiwa prequel series (39 episodes)

These were based on:


The choice of "Ann" as the URL for this wiki has a few reasons:

  • Anne was taken by a Doctor.
  • Ann is shorter.
  • An is too short.
  • Ann (a spelling which nobody uses, though it is one way of spelling the name) is halfway between the Japanese spelling of "An" and the English spelling of "Anne". So we compromise by ditching the silent vowel but adding the double consonant.


There was also a 26 episode educational TV series:

It is acceptable to describe this too as long as it doesn't compromise the documentation of the anime series. Informations from the books should be in the Anne of Green Gables Wiki.

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