Anne of Green Gables
Season 1, Episode 6
Anne of Green Gables
Air date February 11, 1979
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Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified

Anne of Green Gables is the sixth episode of Akage no Anne. It was aired on February 11, 1979.


Anne Shirley helps Marilla Cuthbert the next morning in the household. After washing, Marilla tells her that she can stay at Green Gables. Anne cries with joy and goes out to tell the Snow King and all other plants. She then sees Matthew Cuthbert working on a field and tells him the news. Meanwhile, Marilla calls for Anne, but she can't hear her because she's too far away. When she comes back, Marilla grumbles with her. After tea, you allow Marilla and Matthew to familiar them now. Anne is supposed to memorize the "father of our" in the kitchen. But since Anne Marilla tells of her fantasy stories and therefore does not memorize prayer, she must go up to her room to learn it.