Anne Shirley
Vital statistics
Title Anne Shirley
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Location Green Gables, Avonlea

Anne Shirley is the star of the series.

She is adopted by Matthew Cuthbert and his sister Marilla Cuthbert and goes to live on Green Gables, Avonlea.

There she has a quarrel with Marilla's aquaintance Rachel Lynde and befriends a girl named Diana Barry and her little sister Minnie May Barry. Later, she goes to Queen's College and becomes a teacher.

Season 1


Episode needed

A shot when she is mad at Gilbert Blythe.


  1. "Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised"
  2. "Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised"
  3. "Morning of Green Gables"
  4. "Anne's History"
  5. "Marilla Makes up Her Mind"
  6. "Anne of Green Gables"
  7. "Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified"
  8. "Anne's Impressions of Sunday School"
  9. "A Solemn Vow"
  10. "Anne Plays with a Best Friend"
  11. "Anne Loses the Amethyst Brooch"
  12. "Anne's Confession"
  13. "Anne Goes to School"
  14. "A Tempest in Class"
  15. "Fall is Coming"
  16. "Diana is Invited to Tea"
  17. "Anne Returns to School"
  18. "Anne Rescues Minnie May"
  19. "Diana's Birthday"
  20. "Spring Once Again"
  21. "The New Minister's wife"
  22. "The Wrong Ingredient"
  23. "Anne is Invited to Tea"
  24. "An Affair of Honour"
  25. "A Letter to Diana"
  26. "The Concert Plan"
  27. "Matthew and the Clothes Shop"
  28. "The Christmas Concert"
  29. "Anne Starts the Story-telling Club"
  30. "Vanity and Vexation of Spirit"
  31. "An Unfortunate Lily Maid"
  32. "An Epoch in Anne's Life"
  33. "An Invitation to Queen's Class"
  34. "Diana and the Students at Queens"
  35. "Longing for the Summer Holidays"
  36. "The Future of the Story Club"
  37. "A 15-Year-Old's Spring"
  38. "My Number is 13"
  39. "The Results"
  40. "The Concert Hotel"
  41. "Off to Queen's College"
  42. "Life on a New Campus"
  43. "Home for the Weekends"
  44. "The Winter at Queen's"
  45. "The Glory and the Dream"
  46. "Matthew's Love"
  47. "The Reaper Whose Name is Death"
  48. "Matthew's Farewell"
  49. "The Bend in the Road"
  50. "God's in Heaven, All is Well on Earth"

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